Data Cleansing

Accurate data is imperative for every company. Your data is arguably your most valuable asset and maintaining the quality and cleanliness of this is essential for business growth.

Your customer data is a source of vital business information. Cleaning and enhancing your database will enable you to analyse and target your customers more efficiently. It also minimises duplicates, multiple mailings and postal returns and reduces your direct marketing costs, the environmental impact and brand damage associated with unwanted marketing. With more detailed information about your customers your database becomes a more effective tool for future success.


Your customer database is the asset that you can most easily manage. By using incorrect information, you are not only throwing away money, you are also missing out on new business opportunities. By cleaning your database regularly you can preserve the value of what may well be your company’s most important source of information.

In today’s fast paced environment it is vital that your business keeps up with your customers and the information in your database can quickly become inaccurate and obsolete. Unless updated regularly, the entire source can become worthless. Marketing Data cleaning helps you protect and further your investment.

We can validate the contact information in your customer database, ensuring that the correct address and salutation is used in a mailing, remove duplicate records thereby minimising the postal returns and reducing your direct marketing costs. In addition, a unique company identifier is appended to each record and can be used for further enhancement and/or updates of the database.

We have access to a number of different suppression files, including PAF, MPS, CTPS, TPS, Mortascreen etc to match against your file. We can flag up and remove details of deceased individuals and flag up change of address to increase the response and reduce the gone away rate, which will make your direct marketing campaigns more effective.


Your customer database is one of your most important assets. We understand the importance of utilising and developing this asset. Marketing Data enhancement enables your company’s current database to be enhanced with additional information. Building a more detailed picture of the present customer base will enable you to conduct a more in-depth analysis of your customers and target them more actually. By gaining more knowledge about your current customers you can more easily find prospects in the same target group.

Information that can be appended, depending on whether the file is business or consumer data, includes:

  • additional named contact
  • financial data
  • employee figures
  • legal form and activity codes
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Turnover
  • Import/Export
  • Date of Registration
  • VAT Number
  • Profiling

The more you know about your customers, the more effective your communication will be. You can separate messages between various target groups making certain that the right group gets the right message. This gives you a higher response rate when conducting marketing campaigns. You will also be able to see which customers are profitable and which need more effort. And profiling helps you to find new business. Better knowledge leads to increased sales.

Marketing Data profiling gives you a clear view of your customer base in terms of, for example, industry code and turnover, or lifestyle overlays, which helps you to segment your customer base and prioritise your resources. It provides an in-depth analysis of the existing customer base identifying business growth potential from existing customers as well as where to look for new profitable business. With better knowledge of your customer base you can improve your communication and ensure that you target your customers with the right messages and offers. Knowing who your profitable customers are is vital when prioritising resources and choosing target groups for campaigns. And knowing where your profitable customers are helps you to locate new prospects, where your main markets are and where to target your next lead generating campaign.

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