Online Press Releases

So you have a good story but need to get the message out there? We can help!

If you need help writing the press release we can support you all the way through the process from start to finish, or just do it for you as your Online PR agency partner. It really couldn’t be easier to get your story out there, so why not test us out today?

Within 4 hours of receiving your content, we start the process for you, distributing your release to journalists within your chosen industry categories, and include it on our news portal and social media sites.

It’s really easy and incredibly cost-effective too… just £50 + VAT per press release! All you need to do is supply the press release detailing attachments, pictures or links to content hosted elsewhere, like YouTube videos for instance. Once we have the content you choose which syndication categories you wish to feature for and you’re up and running!

We have partnered with PR Fire, who have a team of in house journalists and social media experts who specialise in getting content noticed by the correct target audiences.

For just £50 + VAT, your content will be:

  • Distributed to thousands of journalists, bloggers and publishers within your selected industry or audience.
  • Distributed to PR Fire’s journalist, blogger and publisher network within your selected industry or audience.
  • Your content will be published on the PR Fire and websites and submitted to Yahoo News and other leading search engines.
  • It will feature on the PR Fire Twitter and Facebook feeds.
  • It will be submitted to Google News.


  • We will supply as report outlining the work we have carried out, enabling you to assess the impact on your ROI.
  • We will host your content indefinitely for no additional cost.

We can also offer a range of services to maximise the exposure and potential ROI of your content.

All of these additional services do include the supply of a report illustrating traffic, likes, comments and shares.

It should be noted, that the success of online PR begins and ends with the quality of the content provided, so if you are not 100% happy with your content and it has not been professional produced, it would be better to opt for the full consultation and rewriting service as detailed below.

Professional sub-editing by our journalists £50 + VAT

PR Fire have a team of 40 writers and editors on hand to read through your content, make any corrections and amendments to ensure your content is professionally written and has the desired impact. Any changes will of course be passed back for your approval prior to publication.

Full consultation and re-writing service £150 + VAT

PR Fire have an in house team of journalists, ready to give a full analysis of your release, suggest innovative ways in which it may be re worded or enhanced with images or other content. They are experts at creating online content that has an impact. PR Fire have an account management team who will handle the process and liaise directly with you and the journalists to ensure the consultation process is seamless.

Add professional photography £50 + VAT

We have access to a library of 750,000 copyright – owned images, these are very wide ranging and cover every possible angle. Should you require access to these images, or you need some guidance from our picture editors, please let us know and we can add this service for you.

Distribution on the national news wire £250 + VAT

PR Fire has a news wire available only to agencies, giving them access to Mail Online, AOL and Yahoo! To name but a few. We can send content direct to these news sources, who, subject to approval, release your content alongside their news stories.

Facebook sponsored promotion £100 + VAT

Through targeted advertising on Facebook you release will be promoted, featuring in the news feed of the most relevant target audiences this option would be ideal for content with viral potential.

Twitter sponsored promotion £100 + VAT

By using Twitter you can reach a huge audience. We can place your content directly into the feeds of bloggers, journalists, and industry influencers with an interest in your release.

YouTube advertising £100 + VAT

If you have video content we can use Youtube’s targeting to run a sponsored campaign, ensuring your target demographic has a greater chance of viewing your content.

Reddit sponsored promotion £100 + VAT

We will add your content to Reddit, a content sharing site with over 113 million users. We can target the sub communities of Reddit who match your target demographic.

StumbleUpon sponsored promotion £100 + VAT

We will promote your offer to relevant categories across on StumbleUpon, potentially exposing your content to the 25 million active users.

LinkedIn sponsored promotion £100 + VAT

LinkedIn is the largest and most powerful social networking sites for professionals and companies worldwide. It is an excellent platform for advertising new products and services. We can target relevant uses based on your target industries and audience demographics.

Contact Us to request a call back, email us or cal 0204 566 1185. We can’t wait to hear from you!