Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation sounds complicated but it isn’t at all, it’s basically a system to bring together many of your online marketing tools under one roof. This powerful advancement in marketing technology has the potential to transform the way in which businesses market themselves. It moves the focus away from individual campaigns and sale promotions, to the longer-term, sustainable development of robust prospect streams driven by actual customer behaviour and your insight of that behaviour. The goal of marketing automation is to allow your prospects to ‘discover’ your brand and the subtle nuances of your sales proposition, at their own pace, in their own way, in a non-pressured manner and the reward is ‘warmed up’ prospect streams ready for sales contact.

Such systems clearly take a little time to put into place and mature, but the reward is definitely worth it. Marketing Automation allows you to use content effectively to drive the sales engine and also informs you which content works and which doesn’t, helping you create more compelling content moving forwards. By combining our Anonymous Visitor Tracking and Identification (AVTI) technologies with Lead Scoring we specifically configure with you for your site, we can identify web visitors and rank them by the pages or discovery journeys they make. Your sales or further marketing follow-up can then be constructive, informed and much more effective.

Marketing Automation allows you to put the buyer in the driving seat and lets them consume the information they require and that is relevant to their needs, whilst in the background you build a clearer picture of who your buyer is. This is very powerful because when they hit your sales triggers and become a clear prospect or are ready to engage your sales team, they are equipped to serve them in the most effective manner possible, which gives you the best chance of securing a new client.

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