Compliance is at the very heart of everything we do at Marketing Data and you will be reassured to learn that we turn down more work that we take on and we extensively vet, and continually monitor, any partners and clients before allowing them to collaborate.

We are a registered data controller with the ICO and take the regulations very seriously. Following a simple checklist produced by the ICO we vet all of our suppliers and require the same commitment to compliance that we have ourselves.

In addition, we require a similar standard from our clients, and gather MOJ, FCA and ICO registration details before we would supply any sensitive data.

We only work with reputable and ethical clients and will not help advertise products or services or we don’t believe in or view as offensive in any way.

Compliance is an ever-changing landscape. For an update on our compliance policies or to chat about us helping you with your own compliance, please contact us on

Marketing Data prides itself on only sourcing data which has been legally and ethically gathered. All data we provide adheres to the requirements of UK legislation relating to data collection, distribution, maintenance and usage.

There are occasions when individuals or organisations no longer wish to receive direct marketing and as professional direct marketers we understand that it is our responsibility to ensure that we can make that process as easy as possible.

All you need to do is complete our form and we will identify if a client of ours obtained your information through ourselves and happily add you to our Do Not Contact list so we can never pass on your information again.

As we all know, commercial organisations, media firms and publishers are constantly growing their databases, so it is really critical to read thoroughly the ‘small print’ any time you volunteer your confidential information, on- and off-line.