Why use a List Broker?

Experienced data buyers and beginners can all benefit from Marketing Data’s list broker service which is cost-effective, straightforward, jargon-free and does all the hard work for you.

Each list request we receive starts with a simple, yet thorough, strategic review of your business and data needs. Data is vital to the success of prospect marketing and the essential fuel that drives new business engagement forward. It follows then, that getting the right data is absolutely critical.

Putting bad fuel in the marketing machine, will not only fail to propel your forward, but could cause serious brand damage or even criminal offences which are thankfully attracting greater and greater fines.

Knowing which data files work for which types of outreach project, benchmarking and monetizing our partner’s data performance, continually scouting the data landscape and industry press for new sources and service improvements, being able to capably deal with service issues where they occasionally arise and keeping an ever-watchful eye on compliance and the changing regulatory environment are just a few reasons why we feel we are a good partner to our list buying clients.

These values underpin why working with a list broker is good practice, less stress and can also save you money. Everything we do at Marketing Data is governed by integrity, commitment to great service and value and our unique Professional Promise.

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